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Prettau® Zirconia – Special Translucent Material

Highly translucent Prettau® Zirconia is used in conjunction with a specialized colouring technique that eliminates the use of veneer ceramics entirely. In this way, aesthetically pleasing full-Zirconia (FZ) restorations, i.e. the “Prettau® Bridge” can be realized.

Especially in the field of implant dentistry, in cases of limited available space or restorations with tissue flanges, Prettau® Zirconia comes into a world of its own. One of the many advantages is the complete elimination of posterior occlusal chipping because only the labial or buccal surfaces are porcelain veneered; all functional areas are maintained as solid Prettau® Zirconia.

Overview of Characteristics

  • Flexural strength: 1000 – 1200 MPa

Height: 10 12 14 16 18 22 25 30

System/Diameter: 95 98 98 with step

Highly translucent zirconia for single crowns to large bridges (fully anatomic structures or reduced structures for veneering with ceramics)

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Zirkonzahn Italy

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