ENDOBLACK® from Kohler Germany

ENDOBLACK® The Complete and Modern Response in Endodontics

Success in endodontics is linked to extreme rigour in following instrument protocols and the quality of the “feedback” provided to the practitioner by the different instruments. The ENDOBLACK® range meets this demand of endodontists, while adding ergonomic elements that increase working comfort.

The existing DG16 explorer is differently angled at each end, adapted to anterior and posterior teeth. The new double 17/17L explorer responds to the same ergonomic logic in order to avoid unnecessary movements. Moreover, in endodontics the often reduced volume of the access cavity necessitates a very short and delicate working end for greater ease of work and better feedback for the practitioner.

The design of the endo ruler is new as well: The ruler at the end of the spatula handle allows ease of use during the canal shaping procedure. Two functions for this instrument limit the number of accessories on the table and the length of the handle facilitates compliance with the rules of asepsis.

The set of instruments for conventional endodontics involves all the instruments necessary for tackling the vast majority of clinical situations. The obturation instruments (pluggers) depend on the technique chosen by the practitioner (spreaders/pluggers). The quality of the front surface mirrors is essential for a good image on indirect vision.

The design of the instruments and new handles of the ENDOBLACK® range facilitates cleaning, avoiding areas where debris can be retained while guaranteeing a good grip with gloves.

Working under the microscope is becoming more and more common in endodontics. This requires specific instruments made of high-quality steel, whether for orthograde access or for endodontic surgery. The micro-mirrors and micro-pluggers allow the practitioner to respond to any situation.

The arrangement of the instruments in a cassette meets disinfection and sterilisation needs, holding the instruments in place to avoid any deterioration.

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