Aquapick AQ-300

Aquapick AQ-300 (Advanced Oral Irrigation System) Made in South Korea

Aquapick oral irrigator is an essential for oral health

  1. Powerful Pulsating Stream (2200 pulses /min)
    Water spraying powered by 2200 pulses/min provides massages to the gum tissues, improving blood circulation and thus strengthening alveolar bone structures that provide support to teeth.
  2. Clear Jet Tips of Four Colors
    The array of four color jet tips makes it easy for all family to use the system.
  3. Additional Jet Tip Holders
    The system contains four color jet tip holders for ensuring the sanitary storage of the jet tips
  4. Adjustable Water Pressure Level Button
    It allows users to make selections of suitable water pressures for them and it will bring the best results of tooth cleaning and gum massaging to you.

Aquapick makes teeth and gums healthy and strong, through 2,200 strong pulses per minute

  • Removes Food Debris While Massaging Gums Gently
  • Prevents Peri-Implantitis
  • Ideal for Orthodontic Patients

Aquapick is helpful to prevent gum disease.

Aquapick is the oral health care device with clinically proven results.

Aquapick oral irrigator is easy for each family member to use:Aquapick AQ-300

  1. After fi­lling tank with water, align tank with mount and press gently until secure.
  2. Adjust water pressure knob. Right side water drop (strongest)/ Left side water drop (weakest).
  3. Attach a jet tip by inserting it into the handle while at the same time pushing down on jet tip ring piece. Once inserted, release jet tip ring piece to lock jet tip into place.
  4. Press the power button on to start the motor.
  5. Push the water switch button on handle to turn on.
  6. Slowly bend your face close over the basin, and keep your face at a 45 degree angle to the basin

Product Specifications

  • Model : AQ-300
  • Components : Main Body / Water Tank / Jet Tip 4ea / Jet Tip Holder 4ea
  • Electrical Currency : AC 100-230V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption : 24W
  • Pulsations : 2200 pulses/min
  • Water Tank Capacity : 600ml
  • Weight : 710g
  • Dimension : 150X90X210mm (W x H x D)


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