Kohler: WINTRAY Impression Tray

Kohler: WINTRAY Impression Tray

The WINTRAY® Impression Tray New Generation was developed by Dr. Guillaume and Dr. Mazeirat to enable taking an accurate impression of dental implants.

The WINTRAY® New Generation was developed in a way that several segments can be removed at the position of the implant. It is much easier and faster with the latest generation of WINTRAY®, as the segments are only retained using a simple retentive clip instead of a screw compared to our previous well-established model.

Instructions for Use:
1.Select the size of impression tray and remove the appropriate segments for the posts in the dental arch from the impression tray.
2.Load the impression tray with impression material and press it onto the dentition until the screws in the impression posts can be felt.
3.Once the material has hardened, loosen the holding screws of the impression posts and remove the impression tray from mouth. The impression posts remains firmly positioned into the impression.

Do not use adhesives!

Placing Implants in Edentulous cases
When fabricating implant-supported full dentures, several to all segments can be removed. The impression tray is used in the same way.

Cleaning and Sterilization
It is made of stainless steel and as a consequence sterilisable and fulfils therefore all requirements on the retraceability of the procedure of the sterilisation.

  • Clean the impression tray and the removed segments carefully by using customary cleaning solutions.
  • Click in all removed segments again by inserting at first the pin into the drilling. Attention: Please take care of the correct position of the segment and the clip as otherwise the retentive clip does not fit correctly.
  • Take through the sterilization procedure in the normal way (max. 200°C/389°F).

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