Vac Attack from Premier

Vac Attak High Performance Evacuation System Cleaner

Significantly More Effective
Unique combination of chelation chemistry and concentrated organic chlorine is significantly more effective than enzymatic cleaners in removing debris and bio-burden from evacuation lines. Vac Attak is especially effective on prophy paste and fluoride gels, the two most common causes of blocked lines. Enzymatic cleaners simply do not have enough contact time to be effective during an evacuation flush.

Vac Attak’s organic chlorine formula facilitates the immediate breakdown of protein chains, found in bio-burden, into water-soluble amino acids.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly
Biodegradable and non-corrosive to metals. Non-foaming – safe for use with all pumps. Prevents scale build-up in pump that other- wise forms when using hard water.

Economical and Easy To Use
One scoop of concentrated Vac Attak quickly dissolves into 32 oz. of warm water and then is flushed through the system. It’s that easy!

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