Surgybone SB 300 from SILFRADENT

A new generation in ultrasound surgery.

A methodology for osteoimplant surgery. Technology based on ultrasound frequencies that permits highly precise osteotomies, with a constant control of both incision depth and length.

Surgybone aims at satisfying doctors’ everyday need, including the need to exploit room space at best. Thanks to its extreme versatility, selecting the ENDOS programme, the machine can be turned into a highly performing ultrasound equipment. User-friendly, always ready for use, Surgybone exploits piezoelectric technology at 360° with a single handpiece.

  • Wide liquid crystal display to visualize the data set. Direct push-button control for precise and
    prompt setting.
  • Power regulation according to different insert tips (sharp, blunt, smoothing, endodontic).
  • Maximum cutting precision, avoiding overheating necrosis.
  • Regulation of VIBRA function, with PERCUSSION action and selective cutting.

Insert Tips
Silfradent insert tips are made in AISI 420 B steel, with profile visualizer to check vibration width and are subject to thermographic camera to test cutting invasivity. Such procedures grant high precision and cutting ability to Silfradent insert tips. Guaranteeing an accurate control on heat, they considerably reduce necrosis on bone tissues compared with traditional devices.

Surgybone SB 300 Silfradent

Area Of Use

  • Sinus Lift with crestal approach
  • Extraction
  • Apicectomy
  • Cystectomy
  • Bone Harvesting
  • Ridge Expansion
  • Sinus Lift
  • Osteoplasy, Osteonomy
  • Implant site preparation
  • Tooth preparation and root planning
  • Orthodontic Surgery

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