Smartseal® & Loc / F DETAX

Smartseal® & Loc / F from DETAX

Fissure sealant with wet-bonding technology, composite-based for permanent sealing of fi ssures and enamel defects. Moisture tolerant, hydrophilic. Application on moist or slightly dry enamel surfaces, very effective wetting of tooth enamel. Increased strong bonding due to additional enamel integration of reactive coated fi llers. Low viscosity
and easy fl ow for margin-free, tight transitions without cracking or splintering. Absolutely precise direct application with extra long disposable needles. Light-curing, abrasion-proof.

smartseal® & loc
Colour: transparent, without fluoride, especially for aesthetic sealing.

smartseal® & loc F
Colour: natural opaque, with fluoride, for permanent protection.


  • smartseal® & loc Combi Pack
  • smartseal® & loc, syringe 1,5 g
  • smartseal® & loc F, syringe 1,5 g
  • application needles, black 12 pcs.

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