okoDent Tissue Trimmer – the “rotary alternative” to the scalpel

The tissue trimmer is a ceramical instrument for for gingiva treatment and a supplement for elektrosurgery, scalpel and the laser.

Operation range

  • Recovering intraosseous implants as well as impacted teeth and exposing deep cervical cavities.
  • Removal of interradicular granulation tissue and gingiva hyperplasia/papillectomies
  • Contouring and cutting the gingiva
  • Widening the sulkus for impression taking


  • The special ceramic causes the vessel to coagulate and reduced the hemorrhagic tendency.
  • The highly stable of the instrument allows efficient and secure treatment of the gingiva.
  • The low heat generation prevents necrosis during the operation.

Working speed rotation: > 300.000 min-1
Without coolant spray!

User information’s
Apply in a 45 degree angle, slower forced cutting, multiple serrations in the same area should be avoid!
After a little while the tissue trimmer can be used again to get additional coagulation.

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