L-PRF™ Leukocyte - Platelet Rich Fibrin

L-PRF™ (Leukocyte – Platelet Rich Fibrin)

L-PRF™ is a 3-D autogenous combination of Platelet Rich Fibrin derived from the patient’s blood. A simplified chairside procedure results in the production of a thin, compressed layer of platelet rich fibrin that is strong, pliable and suitable for suturing. This natural fibrin network is rich in platelets, growth factors and cytokines that are derived from the blood platelets and leukocytes.

The presences of these proteins have been reported to produce rapid healing, especially during the critical first seven days after placement.

This network promotes more efficient cell migration and proliferation without chemical or bovine thrombin additives.

L-PRF centrifuge (IntraSpin) from Intra-Lock is the only CE and FDA cleared system for the preparation of L-PRF.

Clinically, Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin displays excellent working properties. This biomaterial is resilient, strong and pliable, making it easy to manipulate. It can be cut to size, and is supple enough to adapt to many anatomical areas. It is adhesive in nature and very receptive to suturing. In addition, there is ample working time since L-PRF™ is stable at room temperature for several hours.

Applications in Dental /oral and Maxillofacial surgical sites:

  • Bone defects
  • Extraction sockets
  • Sinus and dental ridge augmentation
  • Palatal defects
  • Maxillary bone atrophy

Three Step Procedures for L-PRF System

Step 1: Draw Blood using blood collection kit

Step 2: Spin Blood with IntraSpin Centrifuge. Insert tubes in centrifuge counterbalance. Close the lid and configure the machine for 27RPM with 12 minutes.

Step 3: Express Clot using Xpression™ Kit & Instruments. Remove red blood cells from clot. Place the clot on the tray, cover with plate & cover. After 5 minutes, remove cover & plate and clot is expressed.

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