Kohler Instruments Germany

Kohler Instruments – Made in Germany

Instruments from Kohler stand for innovation, quality and precision.

In excess of 4,000 instruments and countless OEM products for well-known manufacturers in the dental industry are developed, produced and adapted to people’s different anatomies at the site in Germany and supplied to over 80 countries worldwide.

Quality and guarantee
KOHLER instruments excel in highest quality standards. They are manfuactured from stainless selective steel by skilled workers and most modern special machines. Scrutinizing controls of production and materials guarantee the supply of instruments of utmost precision. Forceps are provided with an unlimited warranty against breakage. All other instruments carry a warranty against defects in material and workmanship. KOHLER guarantees a reliable and fast after-sales service at any time. It is our company policy and commitment to upgrade and improve constantly the quality of the products we produce. We reserve therefore the right to change the design of instruments and discontinue products without notice.

Maintenance, disinfection and sterilization of instruments
Instruments – especially delicate and fragile instruments should be carefully hand-cleaned before sterilization in a disinfecting or ultrasonic apparatus by following strictly the instructions for use.

  • Use brand name cleaning and disinfecting agents only.
  • During sterilization keep stainless steel instruments separate from other metal instruments to prevent oxidation.
  • After cleaning instruments should be thoroughly rinsed in demineralized water. Remove all sticking residues and crusts with a soft brush. Never use a steel brush. These residues may cause corrosion or other damages during sterilization.
  • Dry instruments carefully before putting in an autoclave or dry-air sterilizator. Instruments with joints (forceps, scissors, needle holders, etc.) should be sterilized in open position.
  • Keep instruments dry, dustfree and do not place them near chemicals. Avoid temperature changes.

Problems – causes – precautions


  • insufficient mechanical or manual cleaning
  • caused by water – high contents of chlorine may cause damages (seek the advice of local water department)
  • unsuitable cleaning and disinfecting agents
  • non-observation of mixing instructions
  • contaminated sterilization steam
  • residues of drugs

Iridescent surface discoloration and water spots

  • too high concentration of mineral, heavy metal ions and/or silicates in rinse-water and sterilization steam
  • use demineralized water only
  • iridescent coloration or water spots is no corrosion and can be removed by rubbing off strongly


  • avoid the use of unsuitable highly acid or chlorine containing agent
  • to avoid contact corrosion do not bring corrosion-free instruments in contact with rusty instruments or such with a scarred surface
  • can also be caused by rust-containing water during cleaning or in an autoclave. Use demineralized water only.
  • clean new autoclaves before use

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