Knit-Pak Retraction Cord Premier

Knitted Retraction Cord Non-impregnated

Premier® Dental introduces Knit-Pak gingival retraction cord, a non-impregnated knitted cord made from 100% cotton. Knit-Pak is ideal to use in combination with Traxodent® for tissue displacement and management prior to taking an impression.

Knit-Pak cord contains numerous interlocking points within the cord which, after soaking in hemostatic solution, carries greater quantities of liquid compared to twisted or braided cord. Knit-Pak easily packs into sulcus by compacting under pressure. It will not fray and resists popping out of the sulcus. If touched by a bur, Knit-Pak will cut clean and not get entangled.

Knit-Pak’s 6 different sizes are color-coded for quick and easy identification. Each Knit-Pak contains 100 inches (254 cm) of cord.

The Knit-Pak container features a stainless steel cutting blade inside the cap that automatically cuts the cord upon closing. The cord piece is held by the cap until removed, preventing it from dropping.

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