InterActive™ from Implant Direct: Conical Connection Implant

All-in-1 Packaging Includes:

  • InterActive Implant
  • Cover Screw
  • Collar Extender
  • Fixture-Mount
  • Fixture Screws
  • Prepable Final Abutment

InterActive Implant Direct

Platforms and Diameters  Available in:

  • 3.2mmD/3.0mmD,InterActive Implant Direct
  • 3.7mmD/3.0mmD,
  • 4.3mmD/3.4mmD,
  • 5.0mmD/3.4mmD,

Available Lengths

  • 6mmL,
  • 8mmL,
  • 10mmL,
  • 11.5mmL,
  • 13mmL,
  • 16mmL,

Matched Concave Transgingival Profile on Abutments & Components
Shape soft tissue for improved aesthetics

Compatible Abutments with Longer Hex/Shorter Bevel
Reduce the need to confirm seating with X-rays

InterActive Implant Direct

Surgical Simplicity
The fixture-mount square top has a torque safety feature designed to fail at 90 Ncm (3.0 mmD platform) or 126 Ncm (3.4mmD) to prevent damage to the implant interface.

InterActive Implant Direct

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