ICE Zirkon Ceramics

ICE Zirkon Ceramics from Zirkonzahn

ICE Ceramic is a glass type ceramic which is fired at 820°C, has a flexural strength of approximately 90 MPa, and a thermal expansion coefficient (C.E.T) value of 9,6. Its conception is essential and clear.

The ceramic processing is very simple and begins with a washbrand in the dentin which is fired at a 100°C increased temperature. A possible lifting of the ceramic can therefore be counteracted during the firing process. Zirconia and its ceramics can be fired as often as required, because the ICE ceramic is ideally matched to the zirconia and because in the glass type ceramic the CET value does not change even after repeated firings, there is no danger of cracks.

Since no opaque is needed as in the case of metal ceramic, there is no formation of blisters.

Ceramic work fired with zirconia oxide has primarily aesthetical advantages in the cervical area because thanks to the partial semi-translucence of zirconium and the absence of metal, there is no formation of shades so that the gums will not turn blue. The margin fitting is approx. 35 µm, and thanks to the tooth coloured zirconia, the margins can remain unveneered. A glass ionomer cement should be used for thin dental structures up to 0,5 mm, owing to their transparency, for thicker structures starting from 0,6mm phosphate cement can be used as well. Gluing is possible, but it has no advantage because zirconium oxide cannot be etched.

The ceramic set consists of 16 V colours with creative masses:

  • Orange and yellow dentine for individual cervical areas and occlusal surfaces
  • Transpa (progressively increasing from quite transparent to white) from T1 to T4
  • Transpa blue, Transpa orange, Transpa grey for the beautiful characterization of enamel areas at the front and side part of the tooth
  • M1 and M2 mamelon masses
  • Repair1 and Repair2 to repair missing margins or small holes
  • 1 x gums colour ceramic
  • 1 x low melting ceramic for corrections

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