Exaplast Set DETAX

Exaplast from DETAX, Made in Germany

High-precision premium impression material based on C-silicone, universally applicable for all impression techniques. Excellent readability and mixing check with clear contrast colours, patient-friendly “fresh-mint” aroma.

exaplast putty Very high consistency, kneadable, soft smooth initial consistency, ideal final hardness, highly elastic, very dimensionally stable.

exasoft wash Excellent “easy flow” flow properties, low consistency, easy flowing, hydrophilic.
High elastic strength, extremely tear-resistant, exact detail reproduction.

exagel cat Catalyst gel, hypoallergenic.

Colours: Putty yellow, Wash pink, Catalyst blue

Packing Set:

  • Putty, jar 910 ml
  • Wash, tube 140 ml
  • Cat, tube 60 ml

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