Detaseal from DETAX

Detaseal® Hydroflow Putty from DETAX

Hydroflow impression silicone, very high consistency, kneadable. Smooth initial consistency for perfect mixing results. Ideal for preliminary impressions in the impression technique fot corrections and as a tray material in the double-mix technique. Harmonized consistencies of tray and correction materials, no bubbling or flash. Easy to remove due to: high, elastic recovery from deformation with medium final hardness and maximum tensile strength. Time-saving thanks to short mixing time and time in the mouth (only 2 minutes!), neutral tasting, now also for 5:1 mixers; reaches its high, typically kneadable consistency immediately after filling the tray.

Colour: Base apple green, Catalyst white 1:1/jumbo 5:1


  • jar of base 2 x 250 ml
  • jar of catalyst 2 x 250 ml
  • measuring scoops 2 pcs.

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