Cure-Thru IntegraPost from Premier

Cure-Thru IntegraPost. Light-Transmitting Zirconia Glass Fiber Post
Cure-Thru IntegraPost

Safe and Simple to Use – Composite Zirconia Glass Fiber Technology won’t fracture root and provides easy, non-traumatic removal. Cure-Thru IntegraPosts are color-coded to match the highly rated IntegraPost system drills.

Esthetic – White color of post guarantees no grey shadow or show through.

Superior Fatigue Resistance – Zirconia-rich glass fIbers within a composite matrix provide exceptional strength and elasticity. Elastic Modulus and Flexural Strength close to tooth structure (E-modulus 52 GPa/Flexural Strength 1650 MPa) allow the post to respond to traumatic stresses like a tooth.

Factory Silanated for Secure Adhesion – Zirconia glass fibers are chemically treated to bond with both resin cement and composite core build-up material.

Light Transmitting and Radiopaque – Photo curing through the post assures more complete polymerization of cement around and down the post length.

Color Coded – Posts easily identified and size selected. Color coding matches existing IntegraPost Drills.

Four Post Sizes – Multiple sizes for easy fit in all teeth and any canal space. All sizes fit IntegraPost “Hot Box” organizer.

Tapered Tip Design – Parallel body with slightly tapered tip conforms to apical root anatomy for safe and effective adaptation of post.

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