CompCore AF Dual-Cure Premier

Fluoride-Releasing, Automix Composite Core Build-up Material

Advanced Formula, Dual-Cure CompCore™ AF
Provides exceptional performance and the enhanced light-curing properties save considerable time. If light-curing is not an option – allow CompCore™ AF to self-cure in 4.5 minutes intraorally!

Improved natural appearance
The greater translucency of the enhanced CompCore AF presents a more natural tooth appearance which minimizes the chance of shadows under ceramic crowns- yet provides good contrast and excellent radiopacity.

Outstanding handling for ease of use
CompCore AF Stack will stay put – even in difficult maxillary core build-ups, yet flows under pressure for excellent adaptation. Preps like dentin without ditching.

Superior durability for peace of mind
CompCore AF composite core build-up material utilizes exclusive Hyperbranched Technology™1 and nano-fillers for superior mechanical properties and long term clinical success – available in automix SyringeMix™ and cartridge dispensers.

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