Colour Liquid Pettau Aquarell

Colour Liquids Prettau® Aquarell from Zirkonzahn

This series includes 16 colours covering the entire chromatic spectrum. They are water-based and acid-free. For visual aid, these new liquids contain special bio-pigments which assist in realistic shade distribution and colour grading. Individual custom colouring of finer details such as mamelons, cervical or interproximal areas is considerably easier and can be performed with pinpoint precision.

Visual impression of colour before sintering is now a reality even before the final shades show after the sintering process. The use of Intensive colours adds artistic perfection to the end result.

Available in the colours A1 – D4 (50 ml and 20 ml) and as Intensive colours (20 ml) in the shades Tissue A-C, Orange 1, Brown 2, Incisal Grey, Incisal Violet, Incisal Blue and LuNe as well as in the 4 colours Cervical A-D.

Note: Zirkonzahn reserves all rights for the photos in this article.

Zirkonzahn Italy

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