Implant Surgery

  • Surgybone SB 300

    Surgybone SB 300...

    A new generation in ultrasound surgery. A methodology for osteoimplant surgery. Technology based on ultrasound frequencies that permits highly precise osteotomies, with a constant control of both incision depth and length. Area Of Use Sinus Lift with crestal approach Extraction Apicectomy Cystectomy Bone Harvesting Ridge Expansion Sinus Lift Osteoplasy, Osteonomy Implant site preparation Tooth preparation and root planning Orthodontic Surgery

  • Kohler: Sinus Lift Instruments

    Kohler: Sinus Lift...

    Instruments from Kohler stand for innovation, quality and precision. Kohler are made in Germany and supplied to over 80 countries worldwide. Kohler instruments excel in highest quality standards. They are manufactured from stainless selective steel by skilled workers and most modern special machines. Scrutinizing controls of production and materials guarantee the supply of instruments of utmost precision.


  • MICRO 10+ for Instruments

    MICRO 10+ for Inst...

    Economical, aldehyde free concentrate for pre-sterilization disinfection and cleaning of all dental and surgical instruments. Dilution : 2% Contact time : 15 minutes VAH/DGHM certificated Bactericide, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, fungicide and active against HIV-1, PRV (surrogate of HBV), BVDV (surrogate of HCV) and Herpes virus

  • MICRO 10 Enzyme for Instruments

    MICRO 10 Enzyme fo...

    Powerful, tri-enzymatic aldehyde-free concentrated solution, for pre-sterilisation disinfection and cleaning of all dental and surgical instruments. Dilution : 2% Contact time : 5 minutes Bactericide (including MRSA), Mycobacterium tuberculosis, yeasticide and active against HIV-1, PRV (surrogate of HBV), BVDV (surrogate of HCV), Herpes virus, Rotavirus and Influenza virus H1N1




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collprotect® membrane Natural Collagen Membrane

botiss is an innovative, clinically oriented Biotech company with headquarter in Berlin and developing and production sites in Germany, Austria and Great Britain. We are 100% focused on dental regeneration.

collprotect® membrane is a natural collagen membrane. Due to the rough and porous three dimensional collagen structure, controlled wound healing in combination with guided bone and tissue regeneration achieves optimal treatment results. During the regeneration process collprotect® membrane offers the necessary barrier function balanced with a controlled resorption time without inflammatory soft tissue reaction. The soft tissue around a collprotect® membrane usually heals without any problem, even if postoperative dehiscences occurs. The biologic structure of the collprotect® membrane surface prevents ingrowth of soft tissue, allows cells and blood vessels penetration and quick integration into the surrounding tissue. This unique biologic function provides a perfect basis for hard and soft tissue healing.


  • Three dimensional natural collagen matrix
  • Controlled wound healing and blood clot support
  • Optimal barrier function in GBR/GTR procedures
  • Resorption time approx. 2-3 months
  • Easy application and handling in dry or wet status
  • Can be cut to shape for specific procedures
  • Rough and porous structure for cell guidance
  • Natural collagen structure
  • Thickness approx. 0.4-0.6mm

Indications: Implantology, Periodontology, Oral Surgery & CMF

  • Protection or covering of minor perforations of the Schneiderian membrane
  • Sinus lift
  • Socket preservation
  • Horizontal and/or vertical ridge augmentation
  • GBR/GTR simultaneous use with bone substitutes
  • Periodontal bone defects
  • Fenestration and dehiscence defects

Advantages: collprotect® membrane

  • Natural and pure collagen composition
  • Resorption by body’s own healing processes without inflammatory reactions
  • Natural soft tissue matrix guide for cells and blood vessels
  • Controlled barrier function
  • Stabilization and protection of botiss bone graft materials
  • Three convenient sizes

Product Specifications
collprotect® membrane

  • Size from 15mm to 40mm
  • Content 1 piece


  • Radiopaque Premier Implant Cement

    Radiopaque Premier...

    The radiopacity of Premier Implant Cement improves detection of excess cement! Premier® Implant Cement™ is resin cement designed specifically for implant-retained crowns and is suitable for temporary cementation of provisional restorations where long-term or increased retention is desired. Made from a tough elastomeric resin, Premier Implant Cement provides secure retention and an excellent marginal seal. Because the retention is mechanical, the crown can be removed without destroying the crown. Radiopaque Premier Implant Cement is easy to use: Syringe a thin layer of the cement around the inside margin of the restoration before seating. Safely remove excess cement after 2.5 minutes, …

  • Knit-Pak Knitted Gingival Retraction Cord Non-impregnated

    Knit-Pak Knitted G...

    Premier® Dental introduces Knit-Pak gingival retraction cord, a non-impregnated knitted cord made from 100% cotton. Knit-Pak is ideal to use in combination with a Hemodent® hemostatic agent or Traxodent® for tissue displacement and management prior to taking an impression. Knit-Pak cord contains numerous interlocking points within the cord which, after soaking in hemostatic solution, carries greater quantities of liquid compared to twisted or braided cord. Knit-Pak easily packs into sulcus by compacting under pressure. It will not fray and resists popping out of the sulcus. If touched by a bur, Knit-Pak will cut clean and not get entangled. Knit-Pak’s 6 …

Bone & Tissue Regeneration

  • L-PRF™(Platelet Rich Fibrin)

    L-PRF™(Platelet ...

    L-PRF™ is a 3-D autogenous combination of Platelet Rich Fibrin derived from the patient’s blood. A simplified chairside procedure results in the production of a thin, compressed layer of platelet rich fibrin that is strong, pliable and suitable for suturing. This natural fibrin network is rich in platelets, growth factors and cytokines that are derived from the blood platelets and leukocytes. The presences of these proteins have been reported to produce rapid healing, especially during the critical first seven days after placement. This network promotes more efficient cell migration and proliferation without chemical or bovine thrombin additives. L-PRF centrifuge (IntraSpin) …

  • botiss bonering

    botiss bonering...

    botiss is an innovative, clinically oriented Biotech company with headquarter in Berlin and developing and production sites in Germany, Austria and Great Britain. We are 100% focused on dental regeneration. botiss bonering® Processed allogenic bone rings for one-stage bone augmentation and immediate implant placement. botiss bone ring technique botiss bone rings are pre-fabricated bone rings of processed allogenic donor bone, which are placed press-fit into a trephine drill-prepared bone bed. At the same time an implant is inserted into the ring. The bony integration of both, the bone ring and the implant occurs via the surrounding vital bone. The botiss bone ring technique …

  • botiss bonebuilder: Patient Matched Allogenic Bone Implants

    botiss bonebuilder...

    botiss is an innovative, clinically oriented Biotech company with headquarter in Berlin and developing and production sites in Germany, Austria and Great Britain. We are 100% focused on dental regeneration. Bone augmentation in severely atrophic alveolar ridges often requires autologous bone harvesting. Autologous harvesting and the individual adjustment of the transplants is a time consuming, risky and clinically complex procedure. botiss bonebuilder® provides clinical users a prefabricated allogenic bone implant which is individually adjusted to the patient’s bone defect. With botiss bonebuilder®, harvesting of autologous bone and manual adjustment of the obtained transplant is no longer required. Therefore, pain, risk of infection, morbidity, operation time and costs can …


  • E&Q Plus Gutta Percha Obturator

    E&Q Plus Gutt...

    E&Q Plus gives the clinician the option to choose from either vertical compaction of warm gutta percha, heat softened gutta percha injection or a combination of both techniques in filling the canals. Advantages Easy & Quick obturation with accurate and predictable filling Possible best hermetic sealing with 3-dimensional filling(Total obturation of the entire canal including lateral canals) Convenient and effcient 2-in-1 filling system Easy to learn and master Easy touch button allows easy temperature setting Specifications Control Unit: Charging Time 3 Hours Gun: Heating Time 2 Minutes Pen: Heating Time 1 Second Operating Time Per Charging Capacity: Gun, Pen – Continuous …

  • E&Q Master Cordless Gutta Percha Obturator

    E&Q Master Co...

    The E&Q Master has the same battery charging system as the mobile phone. It operates at low voltage for users safety. lf the battery is discharged during use, you can replace it with an extra battery on standby for continuous use. The slim design and simple operation of the E&Q Master will maximize effectiveness and convenience. Advantages The silm design provides a nice feeling of grip along with easy handling. The low-voltage battery enables safe operation. The simple operation enables you to learn easily and quickly. The thermo-plasticized method of filling makes speedy treatment. Easy and quick obturation with accurate …

  • ROOTOR Electronic Apex Locator

    ROOTOR Electronic ...

    2.5D Patient Management Software, Fast, Reliable, Precise measurement results reduces need for X-Ray maximum portability for easy and quick working length gauging. Accuracy guaranteed by the latest multiple frequency technology meets hand-held size for the best efficiency of your endodontic treatment. Advantages Accuracy in any root canal conditions (Dry, bleeding, wet, saline, EDTA, NaOCI, Chlorhexidine and etc) Color display Stylish and ergonomic design Auto power-off for saving battery life Stability and measurement reliability Specifications Rated voltage: DC 4.5 V (Alkaline battery size AAA DC1.5V x 3ea) Input current: less than DC 60mA Power consumption: less than 0.27 VA Patient auxiliary current: …


  • Premier PerioWise

    Premier PerioWise...

    Slightly flexible for greater patient comfort; Clearly visible when using intra-oral camera; Safe around implants; Autoclavable. A Fast and Accurate Screening System The patient screening report helps with patient education and compliance Ideal for full examination or a quick screening; Easy-to-read 3mm green band indicates periodontal health; Reaching a red mark indicates the possible presence of periodontal disease. PerioWise UNC 12 Provides precision measuring of pocket depths with markings indicating 1mm icrements up to 12mm; Ideal for complete periodontal examinations.

  • ComfortView: Lip & Cheek Retractor

    ComfortView: Lip &...

    Retracts lips and cheeks for optional buccal and gingival access; Maximum visibility and patient comfort; Suitable for use in diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic dental applications and digital impression scanning; Autoclave, latex-free.