botiss is an innovative, clinically oriented Biotech company with headquarter in Berlin and developing and production sites in Germany, Austria and Great Britain. We are 100% focused on dental regeneration.

collprotect® membrane is a natural collagen membrane. Due to the rough and porous three dimensional collagen structure, controlled wound healing in combination with guided bone and tissue regeneration achieves optimal treatment results. During the regeneration process collprotect® membrane offers the necessary barrier function balanced with a controlled resorption time without inflammatory soft tissue reaction. The soft tissue around a collprotect® membrane usually heals without any problem, even if postoperative dehiscences occurs. The biologic structure of the collprotect® membrane surface prevents ingrowth of soft tissue, allows cells and blood vessels penetration and quick integration into the surrounding tissue. This unique biologic function provides a perfect basis for hard and soft tissue healing.


  • Three dimensional natural collagen matrix
  • Controlled wound healing and blood clot support
  • Optimal barrier function in GBR/GTR procedures
  • Resorption time approx. 2-3 months
  • Easy application and handling in dry or wet status
  • Can be cut to shape for specific procedures
  • Rough and porous structure for cell guidance
  • Natural collagen structure
  • Thickness approx. 0.4-0.6mm

Indications: Implantology, Periodontology, Oral Surgery & CMF

  • Protection or covering of minor perforations of the Schneiderian membrane
  • Sinus lift
  • Socket preservation
  • Horizontal and/or vertical ridge augmentation
  • GBR/GTR simultaneous use with bone substitutes
  • Periodontal bone defects
  • Fenestration and dehiscence defects

Advantages: collprotect® membrane

  • Natural and pure collagen composition
  • Resorption by body’s own healing processes without inflammatory reactions
  • Natural soft tissue matrix guide for cells and blood vessels
  • Controlled barrier function
  • Stabilization and protection of botiss bone graft materials
  • Three convenient sizes

Product Specifications
collprotect® membrane

  • Size from 15mm to 40mm
  • Content 1 piece

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